I began my Ph.D. in Psychological Sciences at Rice University in 2017 in the Biobehavioral Mechanisms Explaining Disparities Lab advised by Dr. Christopher Fagundes. Since then, my research has evolved to focus on psychoneuroimmunology and close relationships. Specifically, I am currently studying: (1) intergenerational transmission of stress, (2) stress reactivity around times of major life stress or change, and (3) how close relationships can help us navigate and regulate our distress around these events. I enjoy mentorship and was honored to receive a university-wide Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award in 2021 after being nominated by my students. I invite you to take a look at my published work to get a better idea of my interests. Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss potential collaborations.

I am passionate about communicating my research to the public (e.g., through Skype A Scientist or my YouTube channel). In 2020, I created Ryan's Science, which is a cross-platform science communication outlet that fosters curiosity and excitement around scientific research. Recently, Dr. Nanci Weinberger and I created and began hosting Sci-Tea, which brings behavioral science researchers together with multidisciplinary practitioners and policymakers for open conversations that demonstrate how the value of research can extend far beyond publication.  



You can usually find me craftingreading, or playing with my dog, Piper.

I love going on long walks and running - I recently finished my first full marathon!